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Bird Control Solutions

The urban bird problem is dramatically increasing, resulting in Blocked Gutters, Drains, Dampness, Unsightly Stains To Buildings, Obnoxious Smells and the possibility of serious Health Risks to Pedestrians, Residents or Staff.


There really is no reason to tolerate these nuisance as there are many methods to exclude birds from areas harmlessly and discreetly.


The fouling of buildings and frequently occurs where the birds nest or roost, leaving unsightly stains over buildings and the ground below.


Not only does the appearance of the property look unsightly, the faesces represents a trip and slip hazard to pedestrians, staff or customers below these areas.


Nest sites on buildings can not only be the source of dampness but insect infestations can originate from the nest, carcasses or faesces.


Before implementing any form of Bird Control, a thorough survey of the property should be carried out.


Any recommendations and proofing will always be in accordance with Wildlife legislation and ethical consideration.

Special Bird Control Equipment

Here at Sankeys we have invested in the very best Bird Control Equipment and use Agrilaser to unsettle and scare away birds and Scarecrow Patrol which is a Bioacoustic system which broadcasts preditor and distress calls from a handheld device.


These systems allow us to regularly patrol facilities and sites and effectively drive off all nuisance birds.

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Pigeon Problems?


Pigeons are regarded as vermin, not only because they damage crops, but because feral pigeons are a potential transmitter of disease.


While bird to human infection is low, it can be serious and life threatening. Therefore the public health hazard can not be ignored.


It is known that a high proportion of pigeons are effected with Ornithosis (a mild form of Psittacosis), this is particularly hazardous where food is stored, prepared and consumed.


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Seagull Problems?


Seagulls are medium to large-sized, long-winged birds. Conspicuous birds which occur in large social flocks. They roost on the roofs of private homes, hotels and large warehouses - particularly in coastal towns.


The nuisance of gulls can be either the noise of nesting birds, the damage of nesting materials, blocking rain water, goods, and the aggressive behaviour when nesting gulls attack people.


There are a variety of methods to control gulls while proofing measures such as cages on chimneys or nets above flat roofs work very well, scaring devices can also be effective.Their habit of feeding at refuse tips implicates the transmission of Salmonella SPP within their droppings.


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