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Flea Control


If you have pets, then you will know when you have a flea infestation.


Those itchy bites that appear on your ankles are due to the fleas jumping on to the nearest warm surface to feed.


Finding you have a flea infestation can be very upsetting, as it is associated in some people's minds with having an unclean pet or home.


This is not the case at all, as animals can easily pick up fleas when they are out and about and transport them into your home without anybody realising.


Rest assured, a flea infestation does not reflect on your home or your pet.

Flea Facts

Fleas, as we all know, feed on blood. Their preferred hosts are pets – cats and dogs are unable to rid themselves of the parasite unaided.


They also enjoy human blood, as anybody who has a pet will testify. It may surprise you to know that a flea can jump up to 25 cm and therefore finds it easy to jump up on to your legs as you pass by.


A flea can live up to 100 days. But during their lifetime, if they have a partner, they will have produced as many as 500 young. It is clearly wise to rid yourself of these parasites as soon as you can to prevent a chronic infestation.

Do It Yourself Flea Control

Many people start by trying to control a flea problem by themselves, using off-the-shelf products. By all means try these measures, but in our experience they are of limited value.


It is hard to spray in all the areas a flea might be hiding and short of drenching your home in cans of expensive spray, you stand little chance of solving the problem. It is better to tackle the problem by professional means, since flea infestations can be very stubborn to shift. It makes sense to vacuum around your pet's bedding and wash everything in the area thoroughly.


Vacuum along skirting boards and give your pet a flea treatment during the time you are trying to eradicate the problem. This should prevent any surviving fleas from returning to your pets during treatment.


If you think you have a flea problem then our professional pest controllers will be able to help you.
Call us on: 0800 158 3885 or send us a quick message through our Quick Contact Form.



A Discreet and Professional Service

If you do try to rid your home of fleas and find you are defeated by the task, then do feel free to phone us to talk the problem over.


You can be assured of our complete discretion when dealing with your pest problems.

Friendly Phone Calls, Happy Customers

If you have any concerns at all about a possible flea infestation in your home, please call us for a friendly chat.


We can discuss the best course of action with you, with no obligation. If you just want a quote for our services, we are more than happy to provide one.


There is never any pressure from our staff – we want happy customers! If you do decide to use our services, we can come in quickly and quietly at a time of day of your choosing.


We use only highly experienced, trained professionals for pest control procedures and all our insecticide treatments comply with the COSHH guidelines (Control of Substance Hazardous to Health).


It is recommended that you do not vacuum your carpets or soft furnishings for four days after a visit and your pest controller will give you full instructions about what to do in the days following the treatment.


You can depend on us to see off your unwanted house guests with minimal fuss and disruption.


Cal us today on: 0800 158 3885 or fill in our Quick Contact Form.



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