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Rabbit Control


They are one of the most destructive of all the agricultural pests in the country, causing considerable damage to crops.


The loss of income through the destruction of crops is substantial. In gardens, they can also wreak havoc.


Rabbits will strip bark from young saplings and older trees alike, leading to the death of the tree.


They can dig up lawns and decimate vegetable patches overnight. Waking up to find your lovingly grown lettuces and brassicas simply spirited away overnight can be a very frustrating experience.


Rabbit holes can act as dangerous traps for hikers and children exploring woods and banks.


They dig around roots to make their burrows, creating trip hazards for livestock and through overgrazing, act in direct competition with other animals.


Their prolific breeding rate can soon make a bad problem an unmanageable one. When you sense that a rabbit warren is getting out of control, you need to call a pest removal service.

Rabbit Facts

'Breeding like rabbits' is an oft-used term and with good reason.


A female rabbit can produce several litters of baby rabbits per year, with each litter consisting of between three and nine babies.


These baby rabbits will emerge from the warren three weeks after birth and can be ready to breed themselves within five to nine months. Not surprisingly, with warrens full of female rabbits, population explosions are inevitable.


The disease myxomatosis was introduced in the 1950s and nearly killed off the entire rabbit population. But as adult rabbits began to survive the illness, their immunity was passed on to their offspring and the problem started all over again.


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Methods of Rabbit Removal


Smaller-scale domestic rabbit colonies can sometimes be removed humanely, using live traps.


If you do not want to kill the rabbits and the colony is not too large, this may be an option for you.

Another method of protecting your property is rabbit-proof fencing, which can be dug into the ground around specific areas, such as vegetable patches.


However, more often than not, these measures will not be enough to eradicate a large established colony.


Various techniques for rabbit eradication can be used, sometimes in combination.

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Our professional pest control specialists have years of experience in removing problem rabbit colonies.


They will work with you to find the most suitable method of removal to fit your personal circumstances and to achieve the most effective results.


Each eradication problem needs to be talked through and the best method decided upon.


Do not hesitate to call us for a no-obligation chat or advice about your problem rabbit population and we will do our best to help you make the right choice when deciding how to proceed.


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