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Rats are a public health pest. They have the potential to cause illness and damage to the structure of buildings and where there is evidence of them in either domestic or business premises, steps need to be taken to eradicate them.


We are a well-established local pest-control company serving London and the South East and our experienced pest-control officers can offer you an effective and efficient service to rid your premises of pests such as rats.


Contact us and we will be happy to discuss your needs and explain what steps we will take to rid your home or business of rats. We offer an efficient, effective and friendly service.

Signs That Indicate the Presence of Rats

There are two species of rats in the UK - the black Rattus rattus and the more common and slightly larger brown Rattus norvegicus.


Rats tend to live in colonies so a sign of the presence of one rat suggests that there are probably more of them close by. Indications of the presence of rats include droppings, footprints, teeth marks on food, the sound of scratching in walls or under the floors and a slightly unpleasant ammonia smell.


Rats follow the same routes from place to place and also stay close to the edges of rooms, so smear marks along walls and skirting boards are also indicative of their presence.


After a rat has died the smell from the decomposing body is very strong and difficult to get rid of. If the body is in an inaccessible place, such as beneath floorboards, this can be an unpleasant problem for some time.


How long it lasts depends on a number of factors, including the size of the rat and the temperature and humidity.

What Harm Can Rats Cause?

Rats may cause disease. The most serious is Weil's disease or leptosrirosos. This is caused by bacteria in rats' urine which can be transmitted to humans. It can be fatal, killing approximately eight to ten people, as well as dogs, each year in the UK. Rats may also carry and transmit salmonellosis, listeria, crytpsporidium and toxoplasmosis.


They are incontinent and so leave urine and droppings wherever they travel. Mites, fleas and ticks are carried in their fur and these can also cause problems.


Rats can also cause serious damage to properties and their contents. They need to gnaw to stop their teeth from growing too long and with their slightly curved sharp teeth they can chew or gnaw through electrical cables, plaster, thick timber and metals such as aluminium and lead.


This can result in serious damage to the structure of a building and also give rise to the risk of fire. Rats eat food intended for people and other animals, causing food to become contaminated with urine, droppings and hair, while the loss of grain stored in barns may result in significant financial costs.


If you have a problem with rats then our professional pest controllers will be able to help you.
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Measures to Prevent an Infestation

Rats can pass through a hole only one to two centimetres wide so care should be taken to keep a building in good condition.


Drains and sewers should be kept in good order as rats are able to gain access via broken pipe work.


They are also attracted by food and so all food, both human and animal, should be kept in airtight containers.


Refuse which contains food waste or nesting material should also be stored in secure containers.


Places which offer safe spaces for rats to inhabit, such as the underneath of sheds, decking and garages, should be kept clear and if possible access should be prevented.


Compost heaps should be checked regularly as these can also be an attractive source of food or nesting material for a rat.

Pest Control for Domestic Premises


If it is suspected that there are rats present, action should be taken quickly.


Rats reach sexual maturity within two to three months and can produce four to six litters a year, so the rat population can quickly grow.


Besides making a speedy response when discovering the presence of rats, when it comes to eradicating them patience is key.


Rats tend to be wary of new objects and so stay away from traps and bait for a while.


Our service personnel can visit you, assess the problem and discuss the various options available.

Pest Control for Business Premises


In both domestic and business premises we will be able to offer advice about preventing the problem recurring and on rat-proofing the building.


If you think you may have one or two rats living in your building or a larger infestation, call us for free advice or to book a visit by our service personnel.


We can discuss the options available to you and put your mind at rest as we take the necessary steps to eradicate the problem.


If you would like help with rat problem then call in the services of our professional pest controllers on: 0800 158 3885 or fill in our Quick Contact Form.



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