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Silverfish Life Cycle

Silverfish are small, scaly, wingless insects, half an inch to an inch in length, silver grey in colour and tapered, giving a fish-like appearance.


They have two antennae at the head and three bristles at the rear. They live in damp, dark conditions and lay their eggs in small places such as crevices, cracks in walls and skirting boards. During their lifetime, the females lay about one hundred eggs, in groups and also singly.


The eggs are a smooth white colour, turning wrinkled and brown. They take two to eight weeks, depending on humidity and temperature, to hatch.


They then take between a few months and a year to reach maturity and live for about three years. They are able to survive for several months with no food.

Signs of an Infestation

The silverfish is nocturnal so it is unlikely that they will be seen by you during the day. However, if the light is switched on when it is dark, it may be possible to see them rushing for cover as they move very fast to avoid the light.


Silverfish eat wallpaper paste and glue in bookbinding as well as paper. Damage to wallpaper and books is a possible sign of silverfish activity. They eat cereals and flour so if there is evidence of something eating these foods, silverfish might be the culprit.


Silverfish can be found in baths or basins, either trapped or dead. They can climb rough surfaces but not smooth ones and so are unable to escape.


Scales and yellow staining on paper are also signs of a possible infestation. Silverfish may be brought into the home in old books and papers or furniture. Besides being found in the home, silverfish may also be found in commercial buildings and libraries.


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Silverfish Prevention

Since silverfish enjoy damp conditions, ensuring any leaks are repaired is the first step.


Look for signs of dampness on walls, ceilings, floors and around water pipes. Any plumbing leaks should be repaired, as well as holes in the structure of the building.


Ensure adequate ventilation, especially in bathrooms and kitchens, to prevent a build-up of condensation. When bathing, the window should be slightly open or an extractor fan used.


Cooking and drying clothes also create moist conditions that silverfish like and so adequate ventilation should be provided.


If there is an infestation of silverfish this is an indicator that there is a dampness problem which needs locating and repairing.


If you have an infestation of silverfish at home or in business premises, give us a call and our friendly staff will advise you on the next step to take.


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