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Woodworm Control

Woodworm is the general term used to describe wood boring insects in timber. The two most likely are the Common Furniture Beetle (anobium punctatum) and Deathwatch Beetle (xestobium rufovillosum).


Woodworm refers to the larva stage, a small white worm that hatches from an egg. They create a system of tunnels as they ingest the cellulose and starches found in dead wood fibres. This can weaken timbers over a period of time to the point of collapse.


Deathwatch Beetle is generally larger more vigorous and found only in hardwoods, particularly oak. They often communicate with each other before immuring from a timber by clicking. This is what often alerts someone to there presence.


Common Furniture Beetle can be found in both hardwoods and softwoods. Both beetles prefer dampness in timbers and damp or rot will accelerate damage. Both insects produce frasse as they tunnel through the timber and this dust often alerts people to their activity.


The lava maybe present in the timber for perhaps 4 to 5 years before pupating into adult beetle and emerge from a flight hole on the timber surface. The size of the flight hole will indicate which beetle has emerged (1-2mm for Common Furniture Beetle and 3-4mm for Deathwatch Beetle). The adult beetles will mate, lay 40 – 60 eggs and the cycle will continue again.


Woodworm Treatment Solutions

The treatment for wood boring insect is to apply a suitable long lasting (usually water based) insecticide solution to all of the exposed timbers surfaces. This kills any insects already in the timber penetrated by the insecticide and leaves a residual in the timber that will kill eggs or hatching larve laid on the surface.


The success of a Woodworm Treatment would depend on the thoroughness of the preparation and application of the insecticide fluid.


Our Servicemen apply the best practice priniciples to each property, more rigorous than the demands required by most companies.


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20 Years Guarantee

Wood can be Protected from Woodworm Infestation and existing Woodworm Infestation Eradicated by treatment with a commercial wood preservative, persistent contact insecticidal fluid, or preservative-insecticide mixture specific for 'Woodworm Infestation' control.


The success of insecticide treatment depends largely on the thoroughness with which the fluid is applied.


All of our Woodworm and Damp Proofing Treatment benefit from a worthwhile and meaningful guarantee with the additional option of a Manufacturers Insurance backed guarantee if required.


• Damp Proofing
• Woodworm Eradication
• Professional Treatment
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• 20 Years Guarantee


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