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Attack Of The Seagulls!


The only problem is seagulls do not just want to live by the seaside they want to rule the seaside! They are spreading their wings and venturing inland too! With a number of stories about aggressive gulls attacking members of the public even David Cameron has declared that action needs to be taken against the winged menaces!

Seagulls attacking holiday makers for food and even phones have been reported! Sadly reports of pets being pecked to death have emerged with a Yorkshire terrier and a tortoise being pecked to death by seagulls so they truly live up to their aggressive reputation!

These are extreme examples of seagull behaviour here are just a few more issues caused by Seagulls.

Seagulls damage your property blocking gutters with nests and removing roof materials. Damage from their mess can also cause damage to paintwork etc.Blocking gas flues with their nesting materials. This increases the risk of gas fumes not venting properly with dangerous consequences.Unsightly mess caused by their droppings in gardens and properties including fouling on people and washing! Their habit of feeding at refuse tips implicates the transmission of Salmonella SPP within their droppings.They are noisy neighbours – nesting gulls will often call loudly for prolonged periods of time.

Attacking pets and people. Diving and swooping is common gull behaviour. This usually occurs when chicks have fallen from a nest.

All species of gull are protected under the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981 so it is illegal to kill them if convicted of cruelty against a seagull, an offender could be fined up to £5,000 and potentially jailed for up to six months.

How to deal with gulls? There are a variety of methods to control gulls while proofing measures such as cages on chimneys or nets above flat roofs work very well, scaring devices can also be effective.

You Can Take Some Action To Prevent Them

Don’t feed gulls at home or areas such as parks and other open spaces. This just encourages them further. Dispose of rubbish and food waste properly as not to encourage them to scavenge your bins

Before implementing any form of Bird Control, a thorough survey of the property should be carried out.

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