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Beware Of The Mutant Super Rats?

Rats On The Rise?

There are two species of rats in the UK,  the black Rattus Rattus and the more common and slightly larger brown Rattus Norvegicus. Rats tend to live in colonies so a sign of the presence of one rat suggests that there are probably more of them close by.

With headlines such as “cat size rats over run high street” do we really have a problem with a super rats species or is modern lifestyle and habits exacerbating the problem? 

Rats are a synurbic species. This means that rats will thrive in areas particularly associated with humans and places of human habitation. This has also been defined as a species which live at greater densities in urban areas than rural ones.

This is a no brainer for rats. We have created a very comfortable environment for rodents. As urban areas grow as do the areas for rats to breed, live and thrive by providing warmth food and protection from predators in the wild. The sheer volume of readily available food in urban areas provides the rats with a diet that will prolong their life span and grow to a size outside of their normal ratios foraging in the wild during the harsher winter months. The average rat weighs approximately 230 grams and can measure up to 25cm. Yes the rats can increase in size but nothing that is considered mutant! They are just overweight and overfed!

How Can You Prevent Rats?

Prevention is key when avoiding rodent infestation. The best way in preventing a rat problem is to create an inhabitable environment for them! Now is not the time to be a good host!

Proofing your property ensure that brickwork and pipe work is well maintained to avoid the rats gaining entry this way. Keep your garden tidy, trim back overhanging branches away from your property. Keep your garden sheds secure and tidy. Compost heaps provide warmth and food for rodents so be aware.

Pet food should be stored in secure containers and be sure to sweep around pets cages etc to avoid attracting rats to your property. Bird feeders will also attract rats so ensure they are high enough of the ground and that any debris is cleaned up.

Rubbish! This is a main attraction to rats they are not too good to dine out of your bin and your leftovers! Secure rubbish securely and off the ground ensure bin lids closes and food waste is disposed of properly and away from the property.

Rats can cause many issue is your home, chewing through electrical cables, plaster and timber causing a lot of damage.

Indications of the presence of rats include droppings, footprints, teeth marks on food, the sound of scratching in walls or under the floors and a slightly unpleasant ammonia smell.

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