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Bird Problems - What You Need To Know

The urban bird problem is dramatically increasing the reality is birds can be a real nuisance causing costly damage to homes and business premises blocked gutters, drains, dampness and obnoxious smells to name a few! This accompanies the possibility of serious Health Risks to humans.

It is essential to get rid of bird infestations because there are more than 60 types of diseases, infections and illnesses associated with them.

Bird Diseases Are Transmitted In A Number Of Ways

Inhalation of contaminated dust Direct contact with faeces -.Transference by parasites - fleas, ticks, mites, etc. - all of which thrive in and around bird nesting materials and accumulated droppings.Food and water contaminated with faeces - Pest birds can pose a major threat in and around facilities where food is being prepared, processed or stored.

It is known that a high proportion of Pigeons are affected with Ornithosis (a mild form of Psittacosis), this is particularly hazardous where food is stored, prepared and consumed.

Birds infected with the organism may be outwardly healthy but are often ill or near death. Thus a history of recent contact with an ill or dead bird preceding illness in a human indicates the need to consider this diagnosis. Classically, it presents as a community-acquired pneumonia with flu-like symptoms. This is not something to be taken lightly. With infection occurring through inhalation of bacteria from faeces, feather dust or respiratory secretions. The organism is resistant to drying and can survive for several months in faeces.

Health issues put aside bird droppings not only look unsightly but they contain uric acid which can directly damage the structure of buildings. It can erode brick, stone and metal, discolouring paint and staining woodwork. Leaving an unsightly mess! Not to mention bird feathers and nests blocking gutters and pipes.

When there are large amounts of bird droppings present, it is best to use a professional that specializes in hazardous waste clean-up work.

There are many methods of bird proofing used to control roosting birds from damaging your business or property.

One method to deter birds permanently is by spikes. They are harmless and move birds on from their preferred nesting location. Netting and wire deterrents are another harmless method of controlling birds roosting it is also cost effective as it can significantly reduce cleaning costs. There are a variety of methods to control birds while proofing measures such as cages on chimneys or nets above flat roofs work very well, scaring devices can also be effective.

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