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Carpet Beetles - What You Need To Know

Carpet Beetles

There are a number commonly recognised species of Carpet Beetles although neither pose a health risk to humans , however should they gain entry to commercial premises, clothing, furniture or storage facilities the impact could be financially severe! Museums may also be infested by the beetles and the larvae will feed on stuffed animals and other exhibits. The beetles can also cause a considerable amount of damage in textile business premises, resulting in significant financial losses. 

How Do I Recognise A Carpet Beetle?

The difference species of Carpet Beetles include Black CarpetBeetles, Varied Carpet Beetles, Common Carpet Beetles, and Furniture Carpet Beetles.
They can be identified by differences in appearance and feeding habits.

Black carpet beetles are very destructive to fabrics and can live up to 640 days.

Varied carpet beetles can measure up to 4mm and are mottled grey in appearance.

Common carpet beetles are small and oval shaped, they are black in colour.

Carpet beetles commonly live outside and feed of nectar and pollen however it is when they are larvae that their destructive habits come in to play. Carpet beetles will lay their eggs in old birds’ nests, fur or fabric. Known as woolly bears, carpet beetle larvae feed off natural fibres such as animal fur, hair or wool. This is where the issue arises if they have chosen to lay their eggs in amongst your soft furnishings or clothing or perhaps on your loft. Carpet beetle damage consists of round well defined holes in fabric. Larvae can live up to 10 months before emerging as adult beetles although only live for 2 - 6 weeks as adult beetles.

Keep an eye out for Carpet Beetles around window frames and doors as they will require access to pollen and want to escape outdoors. This usually happens in the spring.

Eradicating Carpet Beetles requires a combination of finding the source, such as the abandoned nest, then taking preventative measures — including protecting unaffected clothes and carpets and using an appropriate insecticide.

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