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Do Not Fall Foul Of Birds!

If you are a bird lover or avid bird feeder then look away now. The team at Sankeys are here with important information you need to know about controlling birds and why is important for your health as well as your pocket!

Bird Problem = Big Problem

Bird populations across species are on the rise. Urban areas are most affected , however increasing repots in the media of aggressive territorial seagulls and shop invading pigeons are becoming more common.
If you are a business owner there are numerous reasons to remove and prevent birds nesting in or around your property. The pathogens found in bird faces pose a serious risk to human health as well as other hygeine implications . It is estimated that 60 percent of birds carry numerous diseases and these are transferred to humans in a numerous ways.
With 60 different transferable diseases possibly present within birds and their droppings it is essential that you or your customers do not have increased exposure to birds and their mess.

How Would You Catch A Disease From Birds?

Inhalation of dried dust from bird poo- a lot of these diseases are airborne humans unknowingly breathe in the pathogens .

Examples of diseases that you can catch.

Histoplasmosis- This is caused by a fungus which grows on bird droppings , this is a respiratory disease and can be fatal!

Cryptococcosis - This disease will attack the nervous system but begins its life in the intestinal tract of pigeons .

Salmonellosis - Food poisoning, common in areas where food is prepared and often caused by ventilation and air conditioning units as they will bring dust from bird mess into the building and contaminate food sources and preparation areas.

E.coli. - This is now believed to be more prevalent in pigeons than once thought.

It is known that a high proportion of Pigeons are affected with Ornithosis (a mild form of Psittacosis), this is particularly hazardous where food is stored, prepared and consumed. The organism is resistant to drying and can survive for several months in faeces. Long after the pigeon itself has disappeared or died!

Wait There Is More!

As well as these diseases, birds are also hosts to a number of parasites, mites and bedbugs!

We have outlined that a vast bird presence is not ideal for your health but there are also financial implications to having a bird problem.

Bird droppings contain ulric acid and this is responsible for the erosion of paint, stone brick and metal. This can lead to dangerous costly structural damage to your premises. This is coupled with the visual mess that feathers and droppings leave behind. Not so pleasant for customers or suitable for hygiene standard compliance.

If you have a large amount of bird mess it is advisable to use a professional to clean and remove as this is hazardous waste.

Seagulls will damage roofing materials and block vents and chimneys with nesting materials, they have also been known to block gas flues as well and this of course could have dangerous consequences.

Remember all gulls are protected under the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981. It is illegal to injure any species of gull. Damaging an active nest is also a criminal offence. Prevention is the best method of controlling birds nesting in and around your premises.

So What Is The Solution? 

There are a number of bird control methods available. One method to deter birds permanently is by using spikes. They are harmless and move birds on from their preferred nesting location. Netting and wire deterrents are another harmless method of controlling birds roosting it is also cost effective as it can significantly reduce cleaning costs. Scaring devices can also be effective.

Before implementing any form of Bird Control, a thorough survey of the property should be carried out.

Do you have a bird problem?

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