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Easter Pests - The Easter Bunny

Lets start with the Easter Bunny do not be fooled by the fluffy images sold to you by the media of rabbits purely relaxing in your garden soaking up some sun!

It is thought that the rabbit population reached anything up to 100 million by the start of the 1950s being vastly reduced by up to 99% only to return to approximate figures of 40 million in recent years.

Recognised as causing considerable damage to crops rabbits are considered one of the most destructive pests of all the agricultural pests in the country. Rabbits are considered a pest because they eat root and arable crops and damage grassland used to feed cattle and sheep. Due to their destructive eating habits the loss of income through the destruction of crops is substantial. It is estimated that rabbits cost the British agricultural industry £100million a year!

Rabbits will strip bark from young saplings and older trees alike, leading to the death of the tree. Gnawing the bark around the entire base of the tree removes the trees ability to absorb nutrients effectively allowing disease and fungi to set in. This in turn weakens the tree causing it to become potentially unstable and dangerous.

Rabbit holes can act as dangerous traps for hikers and children exploring woods and banks and livestock are to at risk of injuring themselves (further expense to farmers!) Rabbits will often take up residence around your garden and near your property under decking and garden sheds is a popular choice of residence for the long haired pest! This isn’t without risk or potential damage issues such as subsidence and the risk of fire if they chew through electrical wires!

Breeding Like Rabbits

Their prolific breeding rate can soon make a bad problem an unmanageable one.

A female rabbit can produce several litters per year, with each litter consisting of between three and nine babies.

Emerging from the warren three weeks after birth they too can be ready to breed themselves within five to nine months. Not surprisingly, with warrens full of female rabbits, population explosions are unavoidable!

Rabbit Removal

Depending on the extent of the problem smaller-scale domestic rabbit colonies can sometimes be removed humanely, using live traps. This of course is an option should you wish not to kill the rabbits and providing the colony is not too large.
Another method of protecting your property is rabbit-proof fencing, which can be dug into the ground around specific areas to restrict the pests entry.

However these measures will not be enough to eradicate a large established colony and sometimes a combination of various techniques and methods is required for eradication of the problem.

Yes they are cute but they can also spread potentially life threatening diseases to your own pets should they not be vaccinated so having a rabbit free garden really is essential regardless of the visible damage they cause.

Got A Problem With Rabbits?

Our professional pest control specialists have years of experience in removing problem rabbit colonies and will be happy to help you find the most effective method for you.

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