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Flying Ant Day Is On The Way!

Flying Ant Day!

Their official name is Lasius niger and they are insects with one purpose to reproduce and start new colonies. OK it is not actually just one day it is a few weeks of building momentum leading up to invasions of Flying Ants on multiple days in multiple locations – so we will all experience our swarm but perhaps a few days apart!

What Triggers This Phenomenon?

Often triggered by wet weather followed by hot, humid conditions this means the latest weather could create perfect conditions to provoke their invasion!

Flying Ant Day is in fact part of the mating ritual performed by the virgin queen and male ants. Once they have sprouted wings the ants leave the nest in search of different colonies of whom they can mate in mid air with. Following mating the queen then lands and begins an entirely new colony.

This nest will only be inhabited by one queen and between 5000- 15000 female worker ants. These worker ants will only survive about a month but it is believed that a queen could live up to ten years.

This is because she will lose her wings following her nuptial experience and spends the rest of her life in the nest whilst the mating male will then die.

Why Do They Swarm?

Swarming in large numbers helps ensure survival and increase mass reproduction and growth of the species. However they do provide a food source for birds. Seagulls in particular love them; they create an almost drunk experience for gulls who feast upon them!

Although an inconvenience, Flying Ants do not pose a risk to humans and will only bite and sting should they feel threatened.

Sealing off food sources and keeping windows closed should help you to avoid them entering your home. Ant powders, boiling water and a washing up liquid solution poured over the nest will help to kill them off.

Have you seen a swarm yet?

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