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Food For Thought - Pests In Food

Where there are people there will be pests. Pests are attracted to any waste we leave behind be it for food or for shelter and nesting materials. Recently in the news we have seen a number of stories relating to pests or their remains being found in food produce.

Top 5 Pests In Food!

Probably best you read this after lunch or for safety reasons maybe before would be better!

1. We were always told that vegetables were good for you but one poor consumer ended up with more than they bargained for when they found a rats head inside a bag of supermarket frozen spinach! 'It didn't even cross my mind that it was the head of a rat. I was poking around with it because I didn't know what it was.” Luckily for this lady she noticed as she was cooking her spinach not after she had consumed her meal!

2. A couple in Manchester found a cockroach the size of a £2 coin in their curry after a romantic meal at their local curry house! Leaving them vomiting for the following 24 hours. Not surprising really as Cockroaches spread a wide range of diseases. The Cockroach may be a reservoir for a range of bacteria including salmonella, staphylococcus and streptococcus. They have been known to carry Polio!

3. Popping to the cinema? Just catching up with a film at home? Please spare a thought for the Grandmother from North West London who found a dead mouse after she was half way through her bag of popcorn! Salted or sweet madam? Preferably rodent free please!

4. Do you need your caffeine hit in the morning? Whisking through the drive –thru at your local fast food outlet? A Canadian man was just finishing his when he decide to remove the lid to drink the remains of his coffee – he found just that remains however they were of a dead mouse!! He did confess to feeling a little queasy afterwards…

5. A family fled their home after discovering the world's deadliest spider lurking in some supermarket-bought bananas. After some research they discovered that it was a Brazilian wandering spider. Not one of your 5 a day!

However there are many people that love nothing more than munching away on a bug like snack. 2 billion people around the world regularly eat an insect based meal. Beetles top the poll on the most eaten insect! It is common in China to deep fry the bugs and in North Carolina a “bugfest” attracts 25,000 visitors to feast upon insects!

Obviously if you are not one of the for mentioned enthusiasts there are ways to avoid pests entering your home and possibly on to your plate! Pests attracted to all food, both human and animal! So by putting away pet food and keeping dry food in sealed plastic containers you can help avoid encouraging pests to inhabit your property. Dispose of rubbish correctly and keep your kitchen clean by removing any spillages or leftovers ASAP!

Should you think you have a problem we are trained professionals who can help eradicate any pest! Get in touch for more info!

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