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Holey Moley - The Garden Residents Who Need Evicting!

Struggling With Moles?

Did you know a group of moles is called a Labour? That is exactly what you will get in the form of garden maintenance if you discover that dreaded molehills are popping up all over your lawn. Despite being common these tiny critters are barely seen yet are capable of causing substantial damage to lawns and gardens. With their ability to burrow up to 6 meters an hour each night they create tunnels that can reach a few hundred meters long!

Pre-breeding the mole population is estimated at 31,000,000! In the spring, each female also known as a sow can produce up to 5 young in each litter and just 8 weeks after birth these little mammals are ready for independent living or should that be independent digging!

Despite only living around 2 years moles can cause considerable damage due to their digging and lifestyle habits. Spending the majority of their lives underground feeding off earthworms and beetle larvae they have toxic saliva which allows them to paralyse their prey and store them like a larder for later consumption.

Recognising A Mole And Their Activity

Adult Moles grow up to 20cm and have distinctive shovel like paws. Their soft grey fur and cartoonish appearance gives a rather misleading first impression of how much damage the can actually cause.

The cost to farming and agriculture caused by mole damage was estimated at a whopping £7.8 million! Their ability to chew through roots damaging crops, polluting silage encouraging the invasion of weeds and damaging drainage systems makes them a true pest.

Our professional pest control specialists have years of experience in removing moles from your garden and land and we will be happy to help find the most effective method for you.

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