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November Pests

The cold snap has arrived and winter will soon be in full swing. As your home warms up courtesy of your central heating, the pests home remain cold and this can lead to them seeking an alternative shelter from the wintery weather.

Do You Keep Pets Outdoors

Suitable secure storage boxes should be used to store your animal feed to prevent cars eating and contaminating your pet’s tea!

Rats are more active at twilight but this doesn’t mean that you will not see them during the day! With numbers of rats thought to reach 80 million in the UK your chances of having a ratty encounter are rather high! Rat infestations rocket as the temperatures plummet as they look for warmth food and shelter. Remember although flies will be depleting in numbers around household waste, sensible disposal of rubbish is key to preventing rodents surrounding and entering your property. Rats will use rubbish not only as a food source but as nesting material - you do not want to encourage them to hang around!

What Are The Obvious Indicators Of A Rat Infestation?

Droppings, scratching, gnawed and nibbled food teamed with strong ammonia like smell are clear signs that you may have a problem with rats. Remember rats live in colonies so it is unlikely to be one lone rat and more likely an infestation.
Inspect your property for damaged pipes and brick work - this can provide easy access to your home for rodents , who can fit through a gap of one to two centimetres so be sure to fill and mend any holes. Rats should they gain entry to your home can cause other safety hazards such as damage to electrics through chewed wiring and structural damage through damage to housing materials such as timber plaster and even aluminium .Mice cause similar problems so keep an eye out for signs of activity too.

Cluster flies maybe present in November. There are eight species of Cluster fly in the UK and at this time of year they are on the lookout for a sheltered spot for the winter. Walls, lofts, basements and roof spaces are often preferred locations.

So there are the November pests you need to keep an eye out for.

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