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Rodent Proof Your Premises

Prevention is better than cure when it comes to most pest problems and there are steps that you can take to help stop a potential pest problem in its tracks!
Here are a few tips from the team here at Sankeys to help you rodent proof your premises.

Inspect Your Building

Remove potential hiding and habitual spaces for rodents by keeping things tidy and clutter free. Have a little space behind storage units if possible to reduce hiding areas for rats and mice.
Maintaining your walls, buildings and drains is very important to prevent a rodent infestation. Fill in any holes or cracks and keep pipes in god repair as rats are known for their ability to enter buildings via pipe work. Rats can enter through the smallest of gaps so any damage needs to be addressed. A gap of 2cm is adequate space for a rat to pass through!
However it is not “A rat”that it usually the problem , rats are capable of reproducing from as young as 6 weeks old so they multiply in numbers very quickly with reproduction rates of 6 litters per year per female! Each litter can consist of up to 14 young- this is not a family you want to share your premises with.

Keep Clear Of Clutter

The massive litters of rats require regular sources of food and removing any potential food source is a must. Storing all food sources in secure containers with lids will also reduce the chance of attracting rodents but also prevent the rodents themselves contaminating your food sources. The same rule applies for your rubbish and waste materials- always secure and dispose carefully. Rats and mice are not fussy and will happily feast of your leftovers and use your rubbish for nesting materials.

Look For Indicators Of Rodent Activity

Keep a look out for other signs of rat activity. Do you smell ammonia in your building? Rats leave scent paths and both rats and mice leave ammonia like odour as well as greasy marks against walls and skirting boards.
How is your wiring looking? Damage to cables and wiring is common with rats and can lead to problems later on with faulty dangerous wiring so this is one sign of rodent activity not to be ignored! Dark pellet droppings and chewed food containers, and shredded paper are all signs of active rodents in a building.

For more information on prevent rodent infestations or if you have a pest problem we can help you!

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