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Sankeys Pest Control Resolutions For 2017!

Pest Free For 2017

Happy new year we hope you had a pest free christmas? Even more importantly we wish you a continuous pest free new year!

As with all resolutions its all about getting into good habits so let's take a look at our pest free resolutions for 2017!

We know that following the festive period many of us have loads of rubbish left over. It isn’t just food waste that attracts pests.Your unwanted packaging and wrapping paper provides rodents with perfectly adequate (if not highly decorative) nesting materials. These are not visitors you wish to encourage to be nesting in your rubbish. So removing excess waste and ensuring all rubbish bins are secured and have lids is a good start to avoiding a rodent infestation, not to mention the swarms of flies who will also use your rubbish as a breeding ground.
Rats and mice are able to squeeze through tiny gaps as small as 2cm so it is time to have a property inspection. Take a look around the house and check for holes and cracks, take time to fill these as these are easy entry points for pests to enter your home. Remember to check pipe work too as the phrase rat up a drain pipe has ring of truth to it and nobody wants to find a rat in their bathroom!

Treat Them Mean By Keeping It Clean

Keep your surfaces and cupboards in good order. Pests love to snack on left over crumbs or sticky food residue even if it is behind/your oven or beside your fridge so a thorough wipe round following food preparation could save unnecessary visits from pest controllers to treat a cockroach or mouse infestation.

As the weather outside cools down the temperatures inside go up. Bugs love the warmth as it encourages breeding and provides a cosy habitat for bedbugs and fleas. To avoid this hoover regularly as to remove any live or any unhatched critters that maybe residing there.

Store firewood far away from your property to avoid pests having easy access to your home or nesting in your wooden materials. If you fail to secure your fire wood you may bring ants and spiders into your home with it. Not so good if you are an arachnophobe!
Keep your garden tidy ensuring trees with hanging branches are trimmed back. As well as having a neat garden you will also deter pests.

Have You Been On A Festive Break? Check Your Luggage!

Bedbugs will happily hitch a lift in your cases and clothing so when you return make sure that you wash all clothing and luggage to ensure they don’t set up home with you!

Following these few tips will help you to stay pest free in 2017 and beyond!

If you are in need of professional pest control services we are happy to help!

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