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Spring Pests Springing to life!

Hello Sunshine - Hello Pests!

It seems as though spring is on its way however with the more splendid climate and longer days comes an expanded danger of pests entering your home. Which pests would it be advisable for you to pay special attention in spring?

Buzz Off!

Cluster flies are parasites that derive from earth worms. Measuring 4mm the UK is home to 8 types of Cluster fly.
In spite of not representing a wellbeing hazard they are an irritation, as they will in generally survive in tremendous groups of 1000s of flies. They will in general wake from hibernation and after that exit in an enormous swarm. Group flies emanate pheromones to draw in different flies to the chosen hibernation spot. This will in general be on the west and south-bound sides of structures as they get more light and warmth.
Check your doors and windows for gaps or openings that could be utilized as entry points by Cluster flies and endeavour to fix them ASAP.
So look out for the Cluster fly, it is comparative in appearance to a house fly however they move at a slower pace. They rise in late-winter so unquestionably a nuisance, so watch out for them during this season!

It Is Not Just Bugs ...

Seagulls will start hunting down a mate around now this means nest building with youthful gulls incubating till around early June. When it comes to all feathered creatures, bird proofing your property is a good idea, cages netting and scaring devices are effective methods. Make sure to remove all food sources and secure all rubbish this will help prevent them from scavenging through your bins.

Take note that all gulls are protected under the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981. It is illegal to injure any species of gull. Damaging an active nest is also a criminal offence.

Watch Out For The Death Watch Beetle!

Did you know that reports suggest that there are approximately 5000 homes a week treated for woodworm? Woodworm all though they do not appear threatening can cause extensive damage to properties and if left untreated can actually continue to cause structural damage to your home!

Got A Mole Issue?

Moles are significantly more dynamic as the climate heats up a bit; Mole hills popping up are frequently indication of a settling site. Every female can have up to 5 babies in her litter so the problem can escalate quickly.

Burrowing is the fundamental issue with a mole invasion as they can tunnel up to 100 meters per night! Regardless of living just three years moles can cause considerable harm to your garden. Biting through roots and creating trip hazards with exposed roots and mole hills, these are very much an unwelcome visitor for many green fingered people!

Multitudes of Ants!

In spring Ants start to rise up out of their underground winter homes. Black, red and garden Ants are for the most part normal in the UK however as with most pests, prevention is always better than cure. Maintaining a clean tidy home and garden is key and always clear up any spillages or dropped food debris as this creates a potential food source for the Ants.

Store rubbish far from your home and check for potential entry points in the form of holes and cracks to try and reduce risk of infestation.
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