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Fight The Fleas!

Fleas Jumping For Joy!

Recent media reports have suggested that this year maybe a bumper year for fleas! With reported cases of infestation soaring 198% it seems this season fleas could be jumping into action. It is suggested that climate change could be to blame and soaring temperatures hitting the UK earlier than usually expected, the conditions for fleas appear ideal.

Good news for the fleas but how can they impact and affect both you and your furry friends lives?
Firstly a flea infestation is not always a reflection on cleanliness, animals can pick up the pests from pretty much anywhere and with the average flea living up to 100 days and breeding fleas with the capability to produce up to 500 eggs this tiny creature can soon be big problem! A flea can jump up to 33 cm so their ability to travel from host to host is of their advantage. They will happily feed of both human and pets and have been known to bit the feet and legs of passing humans!

Help we are infested!

If you discover that your pet has fleas firstly treat your pet, this is not a problem that will just clear up and the impact on your pets health can be catastrophic (sorry about the pun!). Many animals are allergic to the flea’s saliva; following being bitten they experience intense irritation and will often lick, bite and scratch the irritated areas. This can lead to nasty infections and pattern forming behaviour.
Fleas carry a parasite and can be accidentally consumed by your pet during grooming. This can mean that the worm will establish itself in your pet's digestive system and turn into a full-blown worm infestation. Eggs of the parasite will then be excreted in your pet's faeces and potentially eaten by further flea larvae, perpetuating the process. Humans, especially children, can also be infected with worms by fleas.
In serious infestations of fleas your pet could experience anaemia caused by the vicious feeding of fleas especially dangerous in puppies and kittens. However the flea can actually survive nearly two weeks without a meal but when they do feed are capable of eating 15 times their body weight!

Treating your pets

We have more advice on treating your pets here. 

Vacuuming and cleaning skirting boards, washing your pets bedding and checking and treating your pet are good self help methods to help treat and prevent fleas. In warm conditions flea eggs, especially if it is also humid. hatch more quickly However for heavier infestation professional services will be required.

How Sankeys can help you. 

If you have any concerns at all about a possible flea infestation in your home, please call us for a friendly chat. We use only highly experienced, trained professionals for pest control procedures and all our insecticide treatments comply with the COSHH guidelines (Control of Substance Hazardous to Health).

If you think you have a flea problem then our professional pest controllers will be able to help you.
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